School of Economics
The The School of Economics at Renmin University of China (RUC) was established in the year of 1998, which combined the department of economics, the department of international economics and the institute for economic research as a whole. The history of the school could be traced back to 1946, when the North-China United University, the predecessor of RUC, set up the department of finance and economics, which was renamed as the department of economics in 1947. After the University was renamed as RUC, the department was restructured in 1956, with the addition of world economics section in the next year. Professor Song Tao held the post of the head of the Department and then the honorary head. Professor Wu Dakun led the world Economics section. Currently, Professor Yang Ruilong has been serving as the dean for the school of economics.
School of Finance
The School of Finance, one of the oldest schools in Renmin University of China, dates back to 1950 when its forerunner – the Dept. of Public Finance & Credit was founded. Early at that time, the School of Finance had established itself as an intellectual powerhouse already. After the reconstruction of Renmin University in 1978, the School set up its Dept. of Public Finance under which there were teaching and research sections on public finance, finance and accounting. And later the teaching and research section of international finance was also added in. From then on the School has gained huge progress and adapted itself to meet the country’s needs for economic construction, social development and scientific advancement.
School of Statistics
The root of the School of Statistics goes back to 1950 when the discipline of statistics was initially set up in Renmin University of China (RUC). Two years later, the Department of Statistics was founded, which indicated the emergence of such departments among economic disciplines, and in July 2003, the School of Statistics was officially approved by RUC. In recent years, we have been actively forging the combination of statistical theories with their applications, and expanding the area of statistical teaching and research. The Center for Applied Statistics, one of the key research institutes for the Humanities and Social Sciences in China, was also founded in the School of Statistics. By so far, it holds programs for doctors’ degree in the majors of statistics and risk management & actuarial science, programs for masters’ degree in the majors of statistics, probability & mathematical statistics, risk management & actuarial science and epidemics & biostatistics, and a postdoctoral program in applied economics.
School of Business
As one of the earliest business schools to provide MBA education, RBS is an important base for business administration education in China. At present, RBS consists of seven departments, namely, Finance, Management Science and Engineering, Accounting, Trade Economics, General Management, Marketing and Organization and Human Resources. Affiliated with it are the Center for the Strategic Management of Supply Chain, China BELL Research Center, and The Research Institute of Industrial Economics and Management Science.
School of Labor & Human Resources
School of Labour and Human Resources at Renmin University of China, founded in 1983, has grown to become a foremost teaching and research institute in China, accompanied by the deepening of China’s economic reform as well as the continuous amelioration of labour market. Through a series of research, teaching and social services activities, our school undertakes the lofty mission to create innovative knowledge for China’s labour science, educate talents, advise the government as well as consult for top businesses.
Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance
Renmin University of China (RUC), located in Beijing, China, is a leading Chinese university in economics and finance. Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance is founded in 2007 by RUC as a separate research institute that follows western practice. Our mission is to establish a world-class faculty with a strong focus on frontier research, high-quality graduate teaching and intensive international exchanges and cooperation. Although young, Hanqing is fast growing. Until 2012, Hanqing has 18 full-time faculty members, who all graduated from top US and European universities.
Institute of China’a Economic Reform & Development
National Academy of Development and Strategy
As one of China’s first batch of 25 pilot units for national high-end think tank construction, RUC NADS sticks to the goal of “national strategy, global vision, decision-making consultation, public opinion guidance”, focuses on knowledge innovation and global future, strives to become a new Chinese think tank with international influence, and serves for national development strategy and social progress.

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