School of Law
RUC Law School, founded in 1950, is the first regular higher-level legal educational institution created after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and has since been hailed as the “cradle” of China’s most outstanding jurists. RUC Law School has become an institution that sets the direction of legal education in China, serves as a meeting place to bring together nationally renowned legal professionals, and a locus of international communication and exchange in legal education. The prestige of the University was formally recognized in 1998, when RUC Law School became the first institution of higher education in China to be awarded the National May First Labor Medal.
School of Marxism Studies
The School of Marxism Studies was founded on December 25, 1996, which was composed of the Institute of Marxism History and the Institute of Marxism Theory Education. In July, 2003, the original School of Marxism Studies and the Department of Chinese Communist Party History were merged into the new School of Marxism Studies.  
School of International Studies
School of International Studies, Renmin University of China, is the high education institutions that were founded as earliest in China to specify on teaching and researching the international issues, China’s foreign relations and Chinese politics. After constant efforts of scholars generation after generation, based on the academic tradition and rich experience of talented people training and scientific research, School of International Studies has been provided with complete subject layouts, systemic course arrangement and first rate teaching faculty, becoming national-wide well-known teaching and research institution of political science and international relations.
Lawyer College

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